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Reviews from our Customers

Dana H.
Mesa, AZ

Clay and the crew always are top notch for our family pizza parties. We have had good service.


Ellen D.
Carson, CA

Fantastic food. Amazing service. I can't rave enough. If I could eat there every day, I would


Randy H.
Mesa, AZ

Been going to Ljs Pizza since early 1980s. Their pizza buffet had every flavor of pizza you could imagine- It Was Awesome!

Now that Ljs has become the "pizza patio" - the pizza buffet is gone but the pizza flavor is just like it always has been.

Love their bbq and pasta pizza plus the house special with all meats and all veggies.

All i need now is one of their famous ice cream cones :)


Donna D.
Grand Pairie, TX

Use to live in AZ. Really miss this pizza. Stopping at this place next visit back to AZ.

My mouth is watering.


Rachel W.
Mesa, AZ

LJs has been my family's favorite pizza place since I was a child.

It has always been constantly amazing and the owners are so friendly and welcoming.

I highly recommend this hidden gem to everyone!!


Michelle F.
Mesa, AZ

I always get my favorites...taco pizza and sauer kraut and ham. They never disappoint!


Billy S.
Acworth, GA

We got the taco pizza and it was amazing! We drive 25 min to get to LJ's and it was totally worth it.

We will be back.


Johnny C.
Artesia, NM

For those that know, this is one of the best hiddens old schools gems in the valley!

Just consistently great pizza!

The crust is perfection and they take their time and do it properly whereby the pizza comes out of the oven as a true masterpiece of beauty!

Tonight I had a Sausage, Pepperoni, Mushroom and Jalapeno large pizza!

Just absolutely fantastic, I managed to scarf down there slices on the drive home!

Long time, great place...Much Love...If you've eaten Pizza from The Home Run Inn (Chicago) or had their frozen pizzas, LJ's is very reminiscent!

Better to reheat than eat cold!


Kat G.
Mesa, AZ

So much nostalgia getting pizza from LJ's!

I remember coming to the old location when I was little with my family and loving their spaghetti pizza and taco pizza.

It was as delicious as I remembered.

So glad to see LJ's is still around and can't wait to go back and pick up another pie.


Dale R.
Mesa, AZ

I just moved to Mesa and I wanted to find the best pizza in town,

I've checked out a few now and I think I found it,

LJ's Pizza is really good mom and pop style pizza this has got to be hands-down the best pizza I've had since I've been in Arizona 6 years.

It's a little hard to find it's a little tiny building at the end of a big parking lot tucked way back.

Definitely will be my go-to pizza place from now on.


Dale P.
Gilbert, AZ

My wife and daughter recently visited family in Ohio for a week.

All they wanted to eat on their return was LJ's. I heard it from them 3 times when they were gone.

"We haven't had any pizza. Goodness I want some LJ's."

I called Clay. It was close to closing time. Told him the situation. He hooked me up.

And I met the beautiful Perry ladies on the North Curb of Terminal 4 with a surprise pizza. Happiness all around.

LJ's... Good Pizza. Good People. GOOD. GOOD. GOOD.

By the way. It looks like the Light Rail is close to making LJ's a convenient stop for the College and Tempe crowd.

Get ready folks. Enjoy!


Humming B.
Mesa, AZ

LJ's is the best pizza in town for thin crust!

The spaghetti and wings are good too.

We've been customers since it opened.


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